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2003 Ch. Thenac, Cuvee Prestige, Bergerac Rouge
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ice wine party - weltachs
Chateau Rauzan
Chateau Palmer
Wirra Wirra Vineyards
Chateau Lynch-Bages
The Leading Fine Wine Specialists
Established in 1995, with a history of more than 12 years.
Targets and concentrates on medium to high-end market.
A leading distributor of both fine wines and wine culture.
Offering more than 1000 wines from 200 remarkable wineries, selected from 12 most renowned wine producing countries.
  Wine Dinners

Aussino conducts regular small, medium and large wine dinners all over different cities around China, aims to help different wineries to achieve image betterment from time to time.
  Wine Appreciation Events

The core business philosophy leads Aussino to disseminate wine culture in many different aspects. Aussino has been proactively working closely together with a pool of China’s most influential media in the course of popularizing wine culture and cultivating wine market.
A matured distribution network and market monitoring system covering more than 100 cities national-wide.
Being selected as highly reliable suppliers for more than 6000 top local fine dining restaurants, five-star hotels, private clubs, night clubs, trendy bars, premium supermarkets and department stores, etc.
  Retail Network-Aussino Cellar
A unique concept to pair RETAIL SHOP and WINE BAR
Located in major capital cities of China
Taste, vogue, elegance, life style
A wine culture center
Up to now, there have been 18 Aussino Cellars nationwide
  Retail Network-Aussino Wine Shop
A retail shop acts as a supply center storing thousands of fine wines ranging from RMB60 to 30,000
Located in the business center of major cities of China
Up to now, there have been 40 Aussino Wine Shops nationwide
  Retail Network-Aussino Wine Corner
Focus on the family daily consumption
Located in the premium supermarkets and department stores
Up to now, there have been 50 Aussino Wine Corners nationwide
  Aussino Wine Club  
Established in 2004, over 10,000 high-end members in 2006 national-wide.
Aims at offering wine knowledge and education services.

 Future Prospects
Enlarge our portfolio by exploring more valuable new product for our customers;
Continue to be involved in activities propagating wine culture actively and strive to earn consumer's reliance;
Continue to be involved in activities propagating wine culture actively and strive to earn consumer's reliance;
Constantly strengthen and perfect distribution network, helping our distributor to obtain competitive advantage via better post-sale service and technical support;
Expect to develop over 50,000 Aussino Wine Club members before 2010;
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